How do I start playing?

The easiest way to start playing is to go to the Lobby, select a Bingo Room that you want to play in, and then click on the Room icon.

Than choose and enter one of the opened room.

Find out the variants of this room’s winning combinations. Learn more about combinations here. Choose the number of cards -  from 1 to 4.

Wait until the round will start. Then follow the Bingo Balls. You need quickly find out the same numbers on your cards.

As soon as you put all the marks on your card, according to the winning patterns, you should quickly press ‘Bingo’ at the bottom of this card..Be careful, don’t mark those numbers that haven’t fallen yet.

If you click ‘Bingo’, but you don’t have it, you will get the message “ Bad Bingo” and your card will be frozen for 8 seconds. Please check your card. 

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